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All patients receive a full gait analysis and biomechanical examination using video gait analysis to provide the Specialist Podiatrist with insight into the walking patterns and musculoskeletal alignment that may be the cause of the foot or lower limb pain. Footwear is also evaluated particularly for sports injuries in relation to the patients foot type and the type of orthoses required.

Gait analysis is the study of walking and running and biomechanics is a branch of biophysics that deals with the mechanics of the human body especially concerned with muscles and the skeletons.

By analyzing the patient’s walking and running we are able to obtain a good insight into the possible causes for many types of injury and pain. An abnormality in walking or running often leads to injury, sub optimal performance and pain. Once a patient has undergone a biomechanical assessment it is often essential to study how imbalances affect the walking and running cycle. By truly understanding the interaction between a patient’s biomechanical profile and gait/ running pattern, our clinic is often able to determine the cause for pain or an injury, providing relief and resolution.

A foot pressure plate can also used as an adjunct to the video gait analysis again helping with the diagnosis of lower limb pain by showing the loading pattern of the foot at heel strike, midstance and toe-off.