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I had the orthotics made after suffering a stress fracture in my left foot. Since I have started to use them there has been no trouble whatsoever with my feet and they have also helped a lot of other problems.

I used to suffer a build up of back pain and often quite bad blisters on my feet from my rugby boots, but ever since I began using the orthotics these problems have yet to resurface.

Big thank you to Caroline Spencer and the Loughbrickland Clinic!

Alex plays for the Irish U20s in the current 6 Nations and the World Cup- Queens Rugby Club RFC and in Ulster Rugby Academy.

Alex Thompson

Queens Rugby Club and Ulster Rugby Academy

I’ve had problems with my feet for years and has recently led to me being ruled out of European and Asian competitions. I went to see Caroline after being diagnosed with Tenosynovitis of the peroneal tendon sheaths and previous stress fracture injuries to the shin. This was caused by constant sharp turning at speed; as my foot would always roll in on itself. From the first assessment to this present day the service has been fantastic. The delivery of the orthoses to Europe was very fast and the time to get used to the orthoses was very quick. They fit perfectly in my hockey shoes and withstand playing at high intensity on water. I have not had a problem with my foot since being given the orthoses.

Peter Caruth

Braxgata HC (Belgium) & Irish Senior Men's National Team

I had a great experience at The Loughbrickland Clinic! Thanks very much Caroline! The orthotics are fantastic and have really helped! I have had no soreness / injuries since! The staff here are fantastic and I would reccommend the clinic to anyone!

Catherine McGourty

Ballycran, Down and Ulster Camogie. All Ireland Premier Junior Champions 2014 Down player of the Decade4 Soaring Star Awards

I had problems with groin strain for years which was affecting my game. The assessment and fitting with Caroline was very thorough and professional and since wearing the orthoses, I have never had any groin pain since.

Michael Carvill

Winger / Striker for Linfield Football Club

I came to see Caroline 4 years ago with groin and ankle pain. The orthoses have completely cured this and since having them I haven’t looked back and I’m never without them, they’re a great job.

Benny Coulter

Down GAC and Mayobridge GAC

I have been wearing orthotics prescribed by Caroline Spencer since 2008; I was first referred to Caroline by my physiotherapist who had been treating me for back and hip pain. Wearing the orthotics has improved my overall posture and has reduced the number of injuries allowing me to enjoy my sport at a competitive level.

Philip Brown

Banbridge Hockey Club (7 caps Ireland Seniors)

The service I have received from Caroline Spencer with regards to my orthoses has been first class. She is a very friendly, helpful and professional woman who has aided me to perform at the top level in Northern Irish football. Caroline has been available 24/7 and has always made time to fit me into her busy schedule which I am truly grateful for.

Aaron Burns

Linfield F.C.

I was constantly going over on my ankles during competitive games and since wearing the orthoses prescribed by Caroline I have not had a non contact ankle injury since and they are 100% comfortable in my boots; I am really happy with them.

Andrew Waterworth

Glentoran FC

I had a knee injury in February 2009 which was still giving me trouble and preventing me from playing even 6 months post injury- I was advised to see Caroline and after being assessed running was prescribed functional orthoses from her which immediately cured my knee pain and 2 years on from the injury I have still never had any further trouble with it and wear the orthoses all the time.

Jamie Kirk

U20 Ulster Rugby Team