21 Scarva Street, Loughbrickland, Banbridge, BT32 3NH


Chiropody (also known as podiatry) is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the foot.

Loughbrickland Chiropody Clinic offers a wide range of foot services from routine chiropody treatment to specialist diabetic foot management.

At the Loughbrickland Clinic our chiropodists are HCPC registered and play an important role in the management of foot disorders, aiming to maintain and promote good foot health in order to sustain mobility, independence and reduced pain.

Our chiropodists also care for patients that have high risk foot problems due to diabetes, poor circulation and rheumatoid arthritis. They are experienced in treating patients with foot ulcers and infection which can sometimes occur with these health conditions.

Services include:

  • Ingrown toe nails- nail surgery under local anaesthesia and phenolisation with a 95% success rate against regrowth.
  • Toenail cutting
  • Treating of hard skin, callouses & corns
  • Improving the appearance of cracked heels
  • Verrucae treatment
    • Laser treatment
    • Acid treatment
    • Dry needling of verrucae under local anaesthetic – 80% success rate from 1 treatment
  • Treating various nail conditions and infections such as fungal nails
  • Treating various skin conditions
  • Specialist diabetic foot care services
    • Diabetic foot screening
    • Vascular and Neurological assessment
    • Wound care management
    • Diabetic foot ulcer

Please contact us to book a treatment, or to find out more about the range of treatments available from Loughbrickland Chiropody Clinic.