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Orthotics / Insoles

There are two types of Orthotics that are used by Podiatrists, and the Loughbrickland Clinic can offer them to you.

semi-customised orthotic appliance, which is partly pre-made and partly customised to the patient’s individual requirements and can be used for children / young adults who are still growing or initially for trying out orthoses. These orthoses need to be reviewed after a few years due to growth of the child or wear on the orthotic.

fully customised orthotic utilising advanced computerised engineering processes. These devices are ultra thin, have a life-time guarantee against shell fracture and maintain their corrective effect extremely well.These customised orthotics are also available in various types to suit the footwear and activities they are required for eg. fashion footwear, everyday use or for different sporting activities.

Orthotics vary in price, with the fully customised orthotics costing more as they are tailored specifically to fit the patient to correct their lower limb mechanics. They also require plaster casts to be taken of the feet with the polypropylene shell having a life-time guarantee to shell fracture under normal wear. The top covers of these orthoses may require renewal every few of years or so but this is a relatively inexpensive process and is carried out in the onsite Orthotics lab at the Loughbrickland Clinic.